Before you hand in your notice and walk off into the sunset, where are you really at?

I get it. You’ve had enough and now you just need to go. I completely understand. You are wondering, ‘How the hell did so-and-so get that promotion?’ and ‘How is it that another so-and-so gets away with doing little or no work and the sun just seems to shine out of them?’ Oh, I know. 

There is a part of you wondering if you are living on some parallel universe where the only sensible one is you and the rest are idiots. You have tried reasoning with them, explaining to them, pointing out the injustice. There is a level of agreement and nodding, and still nothing changes. 

No, that’s not true: things get worse…how the hell is that possible? You are more stressed and frustrated than ever, and you are the only one who voices what the real problems are.

It is frustrating, annoying and highly stressful. You drink coffee like it’s going out of fashion because on some level you just want to wake from the hell you now find yourself in. You throw yourself into the details of projects because that is where you find sanctuary. But it is a sanctuary that doesn’t last long.

You check your email and there’s a surprise—the surprise is someone else’s work is waiting there for you. This is not work for you to check; this is work that they expect you to do for someone else who is being paid to do that same work. This is madness, and they are yelling at you to finish it!

You are not alone; you just feel that way. You are not stupid, but the whole scenario is idiotic. So why am I asking, Why are you job hopping? It is clear no one in their right mind would stay where you are. Yet, there will be someone ready to jump into your role the moment you hand in your notice.

So, let me ask another question: Have you encountered this level of madness in any of your previous roles? If the answer is yes, then there is a pattern; and the constant in that pattern is you. Now don’t get mad at me, I’m not criticizing you. I get it. You have a house to pay for, a car to run, a family to feed—you have responsibilities.

However, as long as you hop from one job to another without recognising your own needs, skills, resources and mindsets, you will never be happy because you have greater potential and purpose than any job you have applied for, or got. 

Perhaps, now you are ready to choose your next employment from the point of view of values and mindset. 

  • Is the work-life balance respected?
  • Are people treated well? 
  • Is there genuine diversity and respect? 

Perhaps now you are ready to follow through on your dream and set up a business of your own. The thing about hopping is that you are always off balance, because you are on one leg. We need to ensure that you stay grounded and focused. 

Why were you job hopping? It was just part of the warm-up for the great start you are now ready to have. 

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