You’re anxious because you care. If you didn’t care it wouldn’t matter.  But it does matter, that’s why you care. You know time is precious and you respect the time others give you. You don’t want to waste this precious commodity. Your awareness of this is the basis of making you an excellent public speaker.

What anxious public speakers do?

Anxious public speakers play worse case scenarios on a loop inside their heads. 

What if the equipment fails? 

What if the CEO turns up? 

What if I stutter? 

What if… What if… what if? 


The key concern is not the speaker. The key concern is the content. 

Content needs to be clear, relevant and have a call to action.  Lead with the most important piece of information.

Great public speakers Intros

Great public speakers own the space. Some take control with a clear set of rules.

All phones on silent please, screen side down. 

Or they launch in with a headline grabbing statement.

If we continue to lose market share, your job is at risk.

Great Public Speakers stay focused

Sometimes the key issue can be a small detail: For example, a poor fitting bolt could be the point of a presentation. If that bolt is on a vehicle of a new electric car, or an aeroplane, or a space shuttle, lives are at risk. The presentation itself is mission critical. 

The people who have heard that presentation will need to act on what they’ve heard. Objections are a possibility. Someone in the room might feel threatened because they believe the presentation criticises their work. However, someone not liking what needs to be said might be the very reason it needs to be said. To avoid recrimination keep to the facts, present hard data.

Your presentation should not slander or ridicule anyone. If someone interrupts you, ask them to identify what the key issue is on this matter and make a note of what they have said. Listen and refer back to the points they have raised at the end of the presentation. If you need more time to prepare your response reassure them you will look into what they have said – and do what you promise.

Engaging public speakers are worth their weight in gold because their presentations prevent tragedy and motivate positive change.

If someone has asked you to present it is because people want and need to hear what you have to say.

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  1. Dina Mitchell on 09/10/2019 at 2:36 pm

    hey good points will think about all of this and when my book is published and I do my interviews!

    • McDonnell-Hockley on 15/10/2019 at 9:45 am

      You are a natural, your book idea is simply brilliant. Thank you for your comments. Mary

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