In the past month, time has melted, days have blended together. I now rely on the internet for food supplies, contact with family and friends as well as entertainment. 

Self-isolation has proved to be a challenge. I watch with interest as people express themselves on the internet, some aiming to distract us with comedy, others sharing heartfelt news.

Like so many of you, I reunite with my neighbours’ every Thursday as we stand on our respective doorsteps and clap for the NHS.

I have encountered people trying to sell, while others volunteer. And like you, I have witnessed selflessness and selfishness. I cried when the NHS workers sung Happy Birthday to Captain Tom and read in disbelief how a company was allegedly profiteering from 825 per cent mark up on PPE (See Ward, V. & Bodkin, H. (2020) ‘PPE suppliers accused of ‘blatant profiteering’ as prices inflated by up to 825 per cent’, The Telegraph. 24/04/20 [Online] (02/04/20).

I relax, listening to comedy on BBC sounds. And replay my recordings of Cabin Pressure (BBC Radio 4 comedy series).

I have watched with interest the avoidance of my post on legacy. It is like a post from the old wild west. All that is missing is the tumbleweed.  Perhaps it seems all too real: no one wants to think about their own mortality, especially at the moment.

I have thrown myself into projects that have empowered me and will help others.

I feel privileged to work with my coaching clients who are such powerful forces of positivity and look forward to meeting up with them in person when this time passes.

And this time will pass.

We all have something to learn from this experience and it will be different for each one of us.

Whatever it is you are going through.

Whoever you have helped or are helping you are positive energy.

You are contributing—even if for now that means you stay home.

So, stay safe, stay home and know your contribution makes a difference.

Thank You

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