Respect my time.
70+ pocket watches fill the screen. They each have a pastel colouring that is either blue, pink, lilac, orange or cream. They each measure time in blocks of up to 60minutes. Each face has only one hand which is fixed on the point of 7.
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Spending time

Imagine someone gives you £525,948.00. What would you spend it on? Just for fun, plan spending it. What would you buy?

Now consider how you spend your time.

Laura Vanderkam (author and journalist) is specific about this issue. She takes the 168 hours (a week) and encourages you to break it down. What are you really doing? You say you are working, but are you? Really! Is watching television or surfing social media really helping you? Yes, it might satisfy your curiosity, but is it moving you forward? 

Respect my time.
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Starved of time?

Laura is clear: ‘One of the benefits of claiming to be overworked or starved for time is that it lets you off the hook for dealing with the burden of choice.’

When you take away the online surfing, the television and news following, how much time do you free up? How could that time help you serve a greater purpose?

Her observations encourage investment in the key people in your life. Quality time with them is precious and should be respected.

Respect my time.
On a metal ball we can see two sides of a clock face both sides read the time as 33 minutes to 11.
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Precious time

By spending your time is wisely, you achieve those things that in the long run will make you happier and more fulfilled. Your quality of life improves. This results in a boost of self-esteem. You enable yourself to move in the desired direction with your life—rather than accepting what fate has provided you with. 

Learn from past mistakes. There have been hours in the past when you did not invest your time wisely, but you are on to that now and have already chosen to become more discerning.

Respect my time.
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Respect your time

Respecting your time means you forge a new way forward for yourself. Those who distract you from your desired path might not be the people you need right now. They can stay in your life; just choose carefully the time you spend with them.

The only equality we have is 24 hours in a day; so, ensure your time is respected.

You might find Laura’s book helpful.

Vanderkam, L. (2011) 168 hours: You have more time than you think. London, Portfolio, Penguin. ISBN 978- 1-59184-331-3.

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