What’s your vicious circle? 

What pattern or patterns of destructive behaviour do you repeat?

Which part of your life is most affected by it?

There is something in you that will not let you give up. Go you! The problem is that it’s stuck in this loop.

What’s the attraction?

What continually attracts you?

If you did not pursue it, what would the advantage be?

Which alternative might be better for you? 

What’s the real cost?

How much has this actually cost you financially and emotionally?

Is there a more meaningful investment or relationship for you?

What’s really going on?

This is a fear hijack. Fear is blocking your own transformation process. There is something within you this scared of achieving your potential and of being the best version of you there is. Your fear has found a way of deluding you.

What can move you forward?

Acknowledge the pattern.

At what point could you redirect your attention?

At what point do you feel you are at your strongest?

Who can help and support you in making the change?

Ask for help, get the support you deserve.

What has been the attraction?

The original attraction into the vicious circle was access to a better world. However, it is an illusion, distance yourself from the problem. If someone else was presenting the problem to you, what advice would the sensible you give?

What if it was a hula-hoop?

Think of the vicious circle as being like a hula-hoop. It is time to let it drop to the floor. Step outside and move on.


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