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Do you know what your ideal world would look like?

Have you ever thought about what you would do if things were as you want them to be?

Apps like Pinterest and Instagram can help you put together a vision board. Having an image there to refer to can be a real boost to confidence and purpose. In terms of neuroscience, your brain’s RAS (Reticular Activating System) kicks in as you remind yourself each day of the life that could be yours.

Having the image on your phone and looking at it every day is not enough. Elevate the status of the image by printing it out and your vision becomes tangible. If there is always a block of a screen between you and your future, there might always be a block. And you don’t want any barriers to the future you deserve.

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Get into your own head

Record your voice describing what your ideal future is like and play it back to yourself as part of your day’s thought processing. This could include references to the steps you will take to get you there.

By giving a voice to something that was silent, you trigger a set of expectations in your physiology. Your body and brain expect and work towards what could happen.

If you do one positive thing each day towards reaching your goal, you will open up the possibilities of having what you deserve. One step a day, serves a significant move forward.

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Get ready

You deserve to be in an optimal state to make your goals and dreams happen. This means making sure that you have some time to yourself each day. You need and deserve to think.

Your thoughts might go to immediate concerns. You can always redirect your thinking towards the positive steps you plan to take to reach your ideal future. Refer back to your vision board and your recording. Maintain your vision, and make plans for the ideal future, follow through on your plan of action. Get what you deserve.

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