There is no doubt about it: levels of anxiety have soared in recent weeks. For some, the anxiety contained within the body has resulted in what feels like little electric shocks through the system. These are not constant but just an occasional twinge.

Sometimes this sensation is strong; other times it is gentle but each time it occurs, it becomes a little more unnerving. What else is it triggering in the body? And why is the body processing anxiety in this way?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to some extent can help with this, but there are no studies to support this finding. 

Another holistic response is walking. A body in motion is a greater challenge than one not in motion.  

A good solid walk of an hour’s duration at a good speed seems to realign the brain and breathing and so helps alleviate the symptoms of electric anxiety, but it does not stop it entirely. 

A shocked system

The shock rarely presents itself in the same place. It moves from one part of the body to another, though it does favour the legs. (Although I refer to it as a shock, it is not painful but more of an unwanted surprise.) There are no apparent patterns to when it strikes, but keeping note of when it occurs, your diet and the amount of sleep you are getting are all steps might help identify a triggering pattern.

Another non-invasive holistic solution is meditation. For this you do not have to sit cross-legged on the floor; sitting comfortably in a chair is fine. Just take five minutes to think, put your phone on a timer if that helps you, close your eyes and ask yourself (silently) what do I need to notice?

It may sound very New Age, but time spent in this way is priceless. It can be instrumental in helping to address those issues that the subconscious rarely gets the opportunity to explore. 

Electric anxiety is the body’s way of attracting your attention to what matters, namely your physical and mental health. To work with me on this, book an appointment today.

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