Taking time to appreciate what you have can make a world of difference. What are the lyrics to “Big Yellow Taxi”?

Don’t it always seem to go

That you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone

The great thing with a gratitude journal is that you appreciate what you have when you have it. And as bad as things are, there are some things right now that are the best they might ever be: your family, friends, health, home, food in your belly, food in the fridge, your income. 

Just appreciating what you have encourages you to recognize each area of your life as a blessing. Those things in your life that are not so great are giving you access to resources you will need in the future. You might not want them now, but in the long term, they will make a world of difference to you. 

By acknowledging what you have, you might start to consider others who do not have nearly as much as you. Consider optimizing your brilliance,

You have:

·      an education 

·      the ability to communicate 

·      a great musical talent 

·      physical or psychological strength

·      an inspiring story to tell

You are able to contribute in a positive way to your family, to society. Even if it is just saying something kind, giving a hug, or being the person others can talk to.

With regard to your abilities, skills, gifts, talents—if you lost one or all of them tomorrow, you would regret not appreciating what you had. You might be disappointed in yourself that you did not share more of your unique self with the world.

Don’t let the inner voice inside your head hold you back from doing something inspiring. You are amazing, so go for it!

A gratitude journal provides an opportunity to reflect and appreciate. 

Those who keep a gratitude journal do not take things for granted; they appreciate life and its complexity.

Do gratitude journals make a difference? 

To those who appreciate what they have, yes.

Appreciate paradise and write in the parking lot oh la la la

(“Big Yellow Taxi” was written by Joni Mitchell after a trip to Hawaii, where, having booked into a hotel, she noticed that the bottom of the mountains had been paved over with a parking lot to accommodate visitors and hotel guests).

Address an ideal change for you.

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