Between 1848–1855 the California Gold Rush was well underway. People worked hard at the land and bought shovels to dig for gold. And the only ones who always made money were landowners and shovel makers/ sellers, with a few lucky souls hitting gold along the way.

The modern equivalent is the internet. Some lucky souls make money by hitting on an idea that is solid gold. Others enter into the spirit of what it promises with gusto, only to fade over time. 

Consistency in the online realm is key to success. Domains, businesses, and web developers take the money of those who consider it worth the gamble. But they have no vested interest in it working. 

Work smarter

It is important to learn from history so we do not repeat the same mistakes. When we look back to those hard-working folks of the 1800s, we wonder how and why they could be so gullible when other opportunities were staring them in the face, such as making money from what land they had by sowing crops and tending animals they could sell.

However, because they had heard of someone else’s success (digging for gold), they decided that they too should dig. Driven, diligent and hard-working, they sunk all they had into an opportunity or a promise. 

The modern equivalent is the attraction of riches on the internet. As we enter a global recession, people are more vulnerable than ever in their desire to provide for their families. It is easy to say, ‘Don’t buy into the fear of the recession,’ but it is just one of those things, and it will pass. 

Invest wisely

We are more informed now than we have ever been before, so we can bypass the fear and the promise of a quick win. It is time to invest in ourselves and grow from that learning. Look around at the opportunities that others are ignoring.

Consider how you invest at this point—both in yourself and your future. The alternative to fear is curiosity. So, invest in positive thinking, planning and action. Talk to a trusted advisor and take your time.

There is no rush involved in a quality decision. You have been through enough already.

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