Starting any new venture might feel daunting. However, sometimes you just know you must take the first step. You might not even appreciate what is driving you.

Even so, your conviction tells you with some clarity and certainty that your new project is what you must do. So, take the first step; it might only be a small move, but it will start you on your journey. Good luck!

Performance-related review reimagined

By McDonnell-Hockley / 30/04/2020 /

Imagine the next performance review you attended comprised of you giving feedback on the person you answer to–your boss or manager.  How different would the world of work be then? A good 360° assessment does this, but not in quite the same precise way that the person-to-person review would. There would have to be a…

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Why are you job hopping?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 23/04/2020 /

Before you hand in your notice and walk off into the sunset, where are you really at? I get it. You’ve had enough and now you just need to go. I completely understand. You are wondering, ‘How the hell did so-and-so get that promotion?’ and ‘How is it that another so-and-so gets away with doing…

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Ready to boost your superpower?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 16/04/2020 /

How much of your week is spent in autopilot? Think about it. Your route to work, your work itself, your shopping, your exercise? How much of it is the same? Where is the variety?  We know that exercise helps with the brain’s neuroplasticity,1 as does language acquisition2 and learning to play a musical instrument.3  But, other than…

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Phoenix your mindset

By McDonnell-Hockley / 09/04/2020 /

Phoenix your mindset How would your life change if you had a different mindset?  The realities of life can really challenge what we want to do. There is no need to compromise your future with the demands of now: just take a little time each day to focus on what is important to you. Make…

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Lost: A story of child loss in the workplace

By McDonnell-Hockley / 02/04/2020 /

(location and names changed to protect privacy) The Story A while back, I was doing some work at an organization in London. I had arrived at the premises early, as the organizer wanted me to accommodate some changes to the day’s programme. I headed for the admin office to collect my paperwork. The office was…

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Will the cost of AI be the loss of human connection?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 26/03/2020 /

I am very grateful to have an active imagination. It enables me to think ahead and plan strategically. I often feel that people, whose creativity has been squashed, seek release through other means (an issue I will come back to in another post). In my mind I play out worst-, and best-case scenarios. I examine…

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Exceed the expectations of your peer group

By McDonnell-Hockley / 19/03/2020 /

In order to move up, you need to move out of your comfort zone and start exploring new and uncharted territories. Let’s take a look at four key territories of peer expectation and how to exceed them: family, finances, friends and followers. Staying where you are will keep you in a place of being stuck.…

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Release your hidden story

By McDonnell-Hockley / 12/03/2020 /

Is there something you are not telling me?  What story do you need to share? Why have you kept it to yourself for so long?  There is a great line in Paul Kalanithi’s book When Breath Becomes Air: ‘The good news is I’ve already outlived two Brontes, Keates, and Stephen Crane. The bad news is that…

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Can’t stop crying

By McDonnell-Hockley / 05/03/2020 /

(A story of job loss) Ann sinks into the chair opposite me. Her eyes are blood-shot, and her face is ashen. I greet her with, ‘Hi’. She just looks at me.  No words.  She puts her hand right hand to her throat to indicate that she wants to speak but no words come out. She…

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The reality of policy on health and wellbeing

By McDonnell-Hockley / 27/02/2020 /

The impact of policy in the workplace has a massive impact on the quality of the work done, health and wellbeing. This post focuses on policy impact within the NHS (National Health Service).  According to, NHS employees can work a ‘Maximum 72 hours’ work in any consecutive 168 hour period.’1 The reality is that…

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