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Starting any new venture might feel daunting. However, sometimes you just know you must take the first step. You might not even appreciate what is driving you.

Even so, your conviction tells you with some clarity and certainty that your new project is what you must do. So, take the first step; it might only be a small move, but it will start you on your journey. Good luck!

A Case for CCPD (Conceptual Continuing Personal Development)

By McDonnell-Hockley / 05/09/2019 /

CCPD is a no brainer. We learn something each day. However, the delivery of traditional CPD is problematic. I know that I am playing devil’s advocate here but hear me out. At many events I’ve attended, I’ve witnessed people collecting their certificate stating they have invested x number of hours in their personal development.  Why…

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How Can I Motivate My Team?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 29/08/2019 /

Surprise Gift Employees at a major company received one of the best motivational talks I ever heard of. The CEO had invited the whole company to a theatre to hear annual sales figures. He arrived on stage to deliver his feedback on the year and address the future of the company. After about 30 minutes…

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How to respect your time

By McDonnell-Hockley / 22/08/2019 /

In business time is money. Anything that takes more time than we planned wastes money. If we are spending hours on an area that is not our strength, it will impact on our time. Paying an expert would be a better use of our time and resources. So businesses aim to invest time and money…

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How painting can help me process my thoughts

By McDonnell-Hockley / 15/08/2019 /

Paint I love to paint. Be it oil on canvas or emulsion on walls, I love it. I find the whole process absorbing. There are no lines, no restrictions. I can work fast or slow. I can work while listening to music, podcasts or plays, or be in total silence. When working in silence I…

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What is failure?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 08/08/2019 /

Failure is giving in or giving up. It is throwing in the towel and walking away. Failure is passive and accepting that something does not work.  Failure is also a key point of learning. By learning from what you have failed at, you become stronger and more resilient. Consider the failure a test. If something…

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Why am I anxious about public speaking?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 01/08/2019 /

You’re anxious because you care. If you didn’t care it wouldn’t matter.  But it does matter, that’s why you care. You know time is precious and you respect the time others give you. You don’t want to waste this precious commodity. Your awareness of this is the basis of making you an excellent public speaker. What…

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Is anxiety good for you?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 25/07/2019 /

Unlikely, as it might seem a little anxiety can serve you well. When you are anxious, a little stress is a good thing. According to Dr Sarah McKay: We need mild stress in order to change. I realize I am blending stress and anxiety here, but if one is a symptom of the other than there…

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What is anxiety?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 18/07/2019 /

Anxiety is an instinctive response. It might present as an increased heart rate, a dry mouth, a shortness of breath or an inability to focus. * Yet, despite how it might make you feel, your anxiety is doing what it can to protect you.   Why do you get anxious? To answer that question, ask yourself…

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