Starting any new venture might feel daunting. However, sometimes you just know you must take the first step. You might not even appreciate what is driving you.

Even so, your conviction tells you with some clarity and certainty that your new project is what you must do. So, take the first step; it might only be a small move, but it will start you on your journey. Good luck!

Social Policy and Mental Health

By McDonnell-Hockley / 13/08/2020 /

From every bad situation we must learn and change accordingly. There is no doubt that the coronavirus was a wake-up call to the apocalyptic future we were meandering towards. So, let’s review what we learnt so we can create a social policy that benefits everyone. Present a clear plan rather than scaring people. The reality…

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How to Access Strategic Thinking

By McDonnell-Hockley / 06/08/2020 /

Step 1: Be genuine in your enthusiasm for new projects. Look up from the demands of daily activity and recognise how it will be 5…10…15 years from now. Be the person who leads change, not the one who resists it. Ask to attend conferences and trainings. Follow the thought leaders, and engage with new projects…

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Now Clear Your Mind

By McDonnell-Hockley / 30/07/2020 /

In the process of juggling the demands of everyday life, minor details become major distractions. You need to get your house in order. You need to start now. Methods that Help Marie Kondo recommends you tidy – it makes a difference because decluttering your homes or office brings harmony and order to your inner and…

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How to stay focused, and why it’s important?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 23/07/2020 /

Staying focused can be a challenge when there are so many demands on your time. Given time is precious, you need to be clear about what you are choosing to concentrate on. People who pay attention to their health are often more focused in other areas of their life too. They make sure they have worked…

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How to beat the bandwagon in 5 easy steps

By McDonnell-Hockley / 16/07/2020 /

The attraction of a bandwagon is its success; it seems to move at speed and everybody is doing it. Right? Right! Getting on a bandwagon is a bit like jumping into a washing machine. It can be dizzying, exciting, fast…it seems to provide results. Now step back. What is it actually doing? Moving fast and…

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How to be a brainy business

By McDonnell-Hockley / 09/07/2020 /

A brainy business is one that understands the brain. And because it understands the brain, it also understands people, customers, clients, employees. This year [2020] has exposed the brain death of so many businesses because they are overly reliant on websites to address issues that require human interaction. Many businesses genuinely do not know how…

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Do gratitude journals make a difference?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 02/07/2020 /

Taking time to appreciate what you have can make a world of difference. What are the lyrics to “Big Yellow Taxi”? Don’t it always seem to go That you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone The great thing with a gratitude journal is that you appreciate what you have when you have it.…

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Address the frustration

By McDonnell-Hockley / 25/06/2020 /

(A story of inner disharmony) Olivia has decided she wants to have a Zoom session and has managed to find a time when the others in the household are preoccupied unpacking a grocery delivery. Her hair is longer than she would usually wear it, though she looks rested.  I ask, ‘Where would you like to…

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What really matters?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 18/06/2020 /

Amid lockdown I embraced the Konmari Method, considering each item I own in terms of levels of joy or usefulness. If there was no joy or no purpose it was time to let the item go, otherwise, it could stay. The result was a realisation that for years when I believed I was cleaning a…

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Electric Anxiety

By McDonnell-Hockley / 11/06/2020 /

There is no doubt about it: levels of anxiety have soared in recent weeks. For some, the anxiety contained within the body has resulted in what feels like little electric shocks through the system. These are not constant but just an occasional twinge. Sometimes this sensation is strong; other times it is gentle but each…

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