Starting any new venture might feel daunting. However, sometimes you just know you must take the first step. You might not even appreciate what is driving you.

Even so, your conviction tells you with some clarity and certainty that your new project is what you must do. So, take the first step; it might only be a small move, but it will start you on your journey. Good luck!

Address your Anxiety

By McDonnell-Hockley / 01/10/2020 /

Your anxiety needs and deserves your attention. Lightly brushing off how you feel inside with, ‘I’m fine’ ‘It is what it is’ Does not acknowledge the frustration that is building up within you. If you do nothing, you put your health and wellbeing in jeopardy. Just suffering will do no one, least of all you,…

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Difficult people

By McDonnell-Hockley / 24/09/2020 /

The world seems to have more than its fair share of difficult people. By difficult I mean arrogant, incompetent, self-righteous, pompous, and/or self-centred. They can also be a unique blend of these characteristics.  Their perspective and attitude to life, business or family is a world away from your own. Yet circumstance has brought you together.…

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Exceed the expectations of your peer group

By McDonnell-Hockley / 17/09/2020 /

In order to move up, you need to move out of your comfort zone and start exploring new and previously unchartered territories. Let’s look at four key areas of peer expectation and how to exceed them: Family Finance, Friends and Followers. Staying where you are will keep you in a place of being stuck. No…

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Inspirational leadership

By McDonnell-Hockley / 10/09/2020 /

Like everyone else, leaders are vulnerable. In fact, they are more vulnerable because others want to replace them. Yet there is an important tell when it comes to recognising vulnerability. A leader who is vulnerable is one who dictates. They are to be courted with caution.  ‘Leaders with such gargantuan egos typically have a blinder-like…

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How to adjust to a different world

By McDonnell-Hockley / 03/09/2020 /

Different Interests Prior to lockdown, I attended a training in which they provided an assessment of my personality and then contrasted with me other members of a team. Each time, I directly opposed another woman whom I did not know. At the break, I approached her:  ‘Are we really that different?’ We both laughed and…

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What it’s like to think

By McDonnell-Hockley / 27/08/2020 /

Ok, so you might be thinking. What a cheek! As if I don’t know how to think. I think all the time.  But do you? Think about it? Is it worry? Is it a projection of negative or positive ideas? Is it processing a conversation or past action? Are you thinking?  What is thinking?  No dictionary…

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Motivation Based on Fear

By McDonnell-Hockley / 20/08/2020 /

Motivation based on fear is bullying. It can be an internal or external pressure. Internal motivation based on fear Internal motivation based on fear is self-bullying. It is when you fill your own head with unwanted thoughts, dialogue and/or actions. This in turn can affect your behaviour as you begin a journey of self-sabotage not…

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Social Policy and Mental Health

By McDonnell-Hockley / 13/08/2020 /

From every bad situation we must learn and change accordingly. There is no doubt that the coronavirus was a wake-up call to the apocalyptic future we were meandering towards. So, let’s review what we learnt so we can create a social policy that benefits everyone. Present a clear plan rather than scaring people. The reality…

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How to Access Strategic Thinking

By McDonnell-Hockley / 06/08/2020 /

Step 1: Be genuine in your enthusiasm for new projects. Look up from the demands of daily activity and recognise how it will be 5…10…15 years from now. Be the person who leads change, not the one who resists it. Ask to attend conferences and trainings. Follow the thought leaders, and engage with new projects…

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Now Clear Your Mind

By McDonnell-Hockley / 30/07/2020 /

In the process of juggling the demands of everyday life, minor details become major distractions. You need to get your house in order. You need to start now. Methods that Help Marie Kondo recommends you tidy – it makes a difference because decluttering your homes or office brings harmony and order to your inner and…

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