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Starting any new venture might feel daunting. However, sometimes you just know you must take the first step. You might not even appreciate what is driving you.

Even so, your conviction tells you with some clarity and certainty that your new project is what you must do. So, take the first step; it might only be a small move, but it will start you on your journey. Good luck!

What is my legacy?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 14/11/2019 /

Ok, I will not write about what I believe my legacy to be consider your legacy. What is your legacy?  When you leave this mortal coil, what impression will you leave? Some of you have children: they are your legacy. Others have a home and money. There are those who leave courses, foundations and businesses. Others have generated…

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Is your contract killing you?

By McDonnell-Hockley / 07/11/2019 /

When you first got your job, you were happy. You signed the contract you felt recognised and rewarded for the unique skills and talents you brought to the role. Then you started the job, and soon you wondered how on earth the company got anything done without you.  Out of hours Now you do more…

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Respect my time

By McDonnell-Hockley / 31/10/2019 /

Spending time Imagine someone gives you £525,948.00. What would you spend it on? Just for fun, plan spending it. What would you buy? Now consider how you spend your time. Laura Vanderkam (author and journalist) is specific about this issue. She takes the 168 hours (a week) and encourages you to break it down. What…

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The theory behind fasting and the role of FOXO there are two separate wooden boards. On each board are two slices of break, cheese, ham, poached eggs lettuce and tomato. both boards also have a knife and fork. To the right hand side of the board is is small bowl of gherkins. Both boards are resting on a wooden surface. #FOXO #protein #age #aging #prepare #DNA

Fasting and FOXO

By McDonnell-Hockley / 24/10/2019 /

FOXO is a protein within our cells. It indicates whether cells should grow or maintain themselves. The frequency at which we eat and the quality of what we eat affects how it acts. When we eat, it is in growth mode. When we rest from eating certain foods, it goes into maintenance mode. This protein…

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#smile #teeth #genuine #business #kawasaki

A lesson in smiling

By McDonnell-Hockley / 17/10/2019 /

I would love to tell you that Guy and I had a sparkling conversation during a break at a TED conference. But that was not the case. We have yet to meet, but knowing his business success and strategy, I knew this was someone I wanted to learn more from. To learn from him, I…

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Redundancy just met its match (Part 2 of 2)

By McDonnell-Hockley / 10/10/2019 /

I knew you’d follow up—you are so on this! In Part 1 we addressed finance, contacts and the new you. This post provides 20+ options for you. As finance and numbers started our relationship, let’s address another number: age.  Redundancy and experience ‘Oh, but I’m too old; no one will want me’. Who is saying…

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Redundancy just met its match (Part 1 of 2)

By McDonnell-Hockley / 03/10/2019 /

Being made redundant or opting to take voluntary redundancy has just made you the most powerful person in the room. Redundancy and Money Yes, there is money and you could blow the lot. Only the savvy badass that you are is now a strategic player. You are all over the spending situation and have been…

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How to escape the vicious circle

By McDonnell-Hockley / 26/09/2019 /

What’s your vicious circle?  What pattern or patterns of destructive behaviour do you repeat? Which part of your life is most affected by it? There is something in you that will not let you give up. Go you! The problem is that it’s stuck in this loop. What’s the attraction? What continually attracts you? If…

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Get what you deserve

By McDonnell-Hockley / 19/09/2019 /

Do you know what your ideal world would look like? Have you ever thought about what you would do if things were as you want them to be? Apps like Pinterest and Instagram can help you put together a vision board. Having an image there to refer to can be a real boost to confidence…

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Emotional tailoring

By McDonnell-Hockley / 12/09/2019 /

In The Chimp Paradox, Dr Steve Peters likens emotional outbursts to a chimp’s hijack of the brain. Primitive thinking invades the rational mind.   Adrenalin is released through the body as imagined threats gain traction.  This is cause for concern: as Peters observes, ‘…When this adrenalin is coupled with negative thoughts, your Chimp will go into an…

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