(A story of inner disharmony)

Olivia has decided she wants to have a Zoom session and has managed to find a time when the others in the household are preoccupied unpacking a grocery delivery. Her hair is longer than she would usually wear it, though she looks rested. 

I ask, ‘Where would you like to begin?’ and she sits quietly for a long time thinking about it. Clearly, she is processing whether to address a key issue, but I am not going to push her on it; she will let me know when she is ready.

She breathes out slowly, tilts her head to one side and says, ‘Sleep’. I wait for the rest of the sentence, and there isn’t a rest of the sentence, just silence.

‘OK… Olivia. I need a little more…’

She frowns her brow and gives an uncomfortable smile.

‘Oh!’ she replies.

She clearly doesn’t know how to address the issue, so we begin to unlock the problem by following an EFT tapping sequence.

Through the course of the session, it becomes clear that Olivia has been punching the pillow forcefully in her sleep. She has been doing it with such force that she is waking herself up. She has no recollection of what he has been dreaming about but sometimes hears herself deliver the tail end of a sentence.

As we continue tapping, it becomes clear that Olivia feels caged in and is desperate to go out. Escaping into the online world is not what she wants or needs. She wants to be out in the fresh air and talking to people.

She also realises that lockdown for her is forcing her to address how much she has locked herself into a particular way of thinking, acting, behaving and earning. He does not want to be this version of herself anymore, and her subconscious mind is releasing all this built-up tension in her sleep.

We continue tapping, and Olivia identifies not only what she wants but her previous limited thinking about her life, her work and her relationships. She realises that there is a lot of work to be done on this mindset. But, she is ready to work on this because a change for her is now necessary.

Lockdown is making her feel locked out . She is ready to get active and make a change.

‘How long will this take?’ she asks

‘Each person is different; it just depends’ I smile, and she smiles back.

Olivia’s incredible potential is ready to be released, and she is restless to get started.

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