Esteem Builders Ltd


  • "Mary is focused on getting a return on investment for her clients. She is proficient in her use of NLP and Creating Your Future Coaching. She has had excellent results in building confidence and self belief for her business and private clients." Steve

  • "I recently had a breakthrough day with Mary and it has been life changing. I used to have low confidence and self-esteem and now my confidence levels are amazingly high, I honestly feel great in myself and that I can achieve anything and speak to anyone. I feel like I have discovered the real me, which has been very liberating. Mary has a great approach and instantly puts you at ease. 
I would highly recommend Mary." J

  • "Thanks to Mary’s programme we are all much stronger, as a family, and have found short-term answers to our problems. Mary’s sagacious advise to us, however was clear and it is something we are in the process of acting upon. 
 We, as parents, cannot recommend her approach too highly. It is both empowering and enlightening. Mary has no magic wand, but she helped us to fully understand and that means you can start to change direction." Paul