Esteem Builders Ltd


  • Exam Anxiety

    Students often have an extreme amount of pressure placed on their shoulders – especially when it comes to exams.

    Sometimes, the stress of studying can be overwhelming for both the student and their family. It may even seem that there is just no clear solution – until now.

    Here you can access a unique programme that helps students combat and cope with exam anxiety; it’s focused on providing a positive mindset for the student who feels overwhelmed.

    By working on a bespoke programme, we find the best way to translate their crippling relationship with impending exams into a positive and productive partnership.

    The most important aspect of this programme is to establish that worrying about exams is not a point of weakness, but actually a clear indication of the level of caring. This is encouraged rather than eliminated to develop a more balanced mindset.

    The intention of the programme is to free those who feel overwhelmed so that they take on their exams from a point of empowerment.

  • Rebuild My Bullied Child

    Whether it is at school, home or socially, the presence of a bully can be soul-destroying.
    This is sad – but it is not hopeless.

    With the right guidance, it is entirely possible to overcome the feelings of hurt, self-loathing and fear that a bully imposes.

    A sensible first step is the Rebuild my Bullied Child programme. This is professional coaching designed for children who need to believe once more that they are valuable, unique and brilliant .

    With a focus on what exactly is making the child feel like it’s “all too much”, I provide coaching to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.

    I never take a one-size-fits-all approach: as a qualified coach and mentor, my speciality skill set is shaped around each child’s situation to ensure that the programme is effective long after our session has finished.

    As adults, we know that going forward confidently in the world requires a thick skin – this is why I work with children to confirm their value, strength and ability to overcome the anxieties associated with bullying.

    With many success stories, this coaching programme gives children the licence to dream again, and recognises what a brilliant and unique contribution they make to the world.