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  • About the Reader

    When you are not reaching your potential it is because something is blocking you. The fact that you want to get beyond this block means that you have already started to identify what will work best for you. I understand what its like to be stopped by an immovable force - and believe me though it can be: frustrating, insulting, infuriating it's actually doing you a favour because it is forcing you to recognize what you are truly capable of. Think of it as a blessing in disguise - albeit heavily disguised.

    How much easier would it be for you to have a coach that supports you, as you identify the changes that need to occur and begin to work through how to make this happen. When you identify what you are capable of and begin to work towards it - real change happens because it comes from you and is about you. For some of you, even just thinking about getting a coach may seem a bit self-indulgent - it isn't.

    On this site you will find a number of programmes to get you started. I also create bespoke sessions based on: your needs, goals and values. Think of this in terms of creating your map for your future.

  • About the Coach

    Mary McDonnell-Hockley

    “Always have a bag packed as you never know where the future will take you - it's only the unprepared that get caught out!”   Mary’s motto

    The ‘bag’ is your mindset because the moment that’s prepared you’re ready for action. With the right mindset, you generate your own solutions, and fully respond to every opportunity. Even the frustration from the lack of positive change can be used to make something positive happen. It's the fuel that ignites motivation, ambition and aspiration.

    Mary has an MA in Communications, is a Master NLP Coach and Practitioner, Time Line Therapist, Hypnosis and is an AAMET accredited EFT practitioner. She is the founder of the Media Performance Degree University of Bedford and currently consults across the UK to business and education.